Assassin's Bundle


Please read this description carefully before purchasing.

Want to upgrade your weapons? You've come to the right place. This epic attachment bundle combines every weapon attachment package for a reduced price to provide you with 16 awesome attachments to increase your weapon's power!

This bundle contains:

1x  Sniper FMJ Attachment (+3.5 HP per bullet)

1x Sniper Extended Clip Attachment (+1 bullet per clip)

1x Sniper Lightweight Attachment (-40% weapon weight)

1x Sniper Scope Attachment (+60% more zoom)


1x  Assault Rifle FMJ Attachment (+2 HP per bullet)

1x Assault Rifle Extended Clip Attachment (+2 bullet per clip)

1x Assault Rifle Lightweight Attachment (-40% weapon weight)

1x Assault Rifle Silencer Attachment (Silent weapon shooting, -1 HP per bullet)


1x  Pistol FMJ Attachment (+2 HP per bullet)

1x Pistol Extended Clip Attachment (+2 bullets per clip)

1x Pistol Lightweight Attachment (-40% weapon weight)

1x Pistol Silencer Attachment (Completely silent shooting, -1 HP per bullet)


1x  Shotgun FMJ Attachment (+1 HP per bullet)

1x Shotgun Extended Clip Attachment (+1 bullet per clip, -1 HP per bullet)

1x Shotgun Lightweight Attachment (-40% weapon weight) 

1x Shotgun Silencer Attachment (Completely silent shooting)


This bundle contains every attachment currently in the game. Attachments can only be applied to their respective weapon. You can only apply 2 attachments maximum to a single weapon. It is recommended you place these attachments on a tier five weapon.

Make sure to have 16 open inventory slots before purchasing this package.

49.99 USD

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